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My friend and brother, John Wagenaar, occasionally distributes a memo to his other siblings in the Southside Mennonite Church family in Springfield, Ohio. As a fellow gadfly, I look forward to reading John’s wise reflections. One of those memos, Memo 20, surfaced out of the rubble in our house during a recent attempt at conforming to American, domestic orderliness. “Would others benefit from John’s trenchant remarks?” I thought. Believing you will, I reprint them here. [BTW, my additions are in brackets]

Memo 20

Please eat responsibly: Know where your food comes from (and, please listen to gospel bluegrass, WYSO, 91.3, Sundays, 6 – 8 A.M.).

I’m not much on sports but, boy, you just have to love those Dutch!—going all the way to the top in the world soccer cup. The Spanish beat the Germans, though that would have been an intense contest between the Dutch and Germans, fraught with historic intimations and possible civil consequences (I once saw a bumper sticker in Yellow Springs: “IF YOU’RE NOT DUTCH, YOU’RE NOT MUCH.” Turned out she wasn’t Dutch at all, but had spent time in Nederland). Anyways, the Spanish don’t stand a chance against the mighty Dutch. The game is today, during our business meeting! Can we adjourn? [PS: Netherlands 0, Spain 1 in extra time]

While I’m at it, I’d like to put in a good word for wine and sex—both of which seem to have fallen in disrepute in recent weeks in our church (The wine meditation seems a little hokey: “relevance” stuff we’ve come to expect from the salaried Mennonite curriculum committee, and is the reason I fear “themed Sundays). Mennonites have this guilt and shame thing (cf. “Being Mennonite,” The Mennonite, July 2010, 26): An intrusion of American temperance mentality and Methodist revivalism upon a basically European Mennonite consciousness?

Do Mennonites really know how to have fun? (more…)

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