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From Mennonite Church USA’s Executive Board:

This election cycle, we find ourselves in a season of temptation. Billions of dollars are being spent to capture our vote and our allegiance. We are tempted to place our hope for wholeness and well-being on particular candidates, parties, and ideologies.

In this particular time, Scripture speaks pointedly to us: Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save (Psalm 146:3). This is a time to deepen our allegiance to Jesus, our Lord and Savior who rejects dominating power, links his future to the weak and vulnerable, and loves even enemies.

Jesus was led into the desert by the Spirit for his own season of temptation. The promises of influence and power he faced and rejected remind us of the political promises made today. We invite you and your community to follow Jesus’s example in this time of temptation and engage in prayer and fasting during this election season.

We offer this invitation as a spiritual discipline of deepening allegiance to Jesus. Fasting can loosen our attachments to actions and attitudes that compete for our allegiance. Prayer brings us closer to Christ, transforms our minds and purifies our hearts.

Whether or not we cast a ballot in November and regardless of whom we might vote for, let us emphatically declare that our ultimate allegiance is not to a candidate, platform or party, but to Jesus Christ. Let our words, intentions and actions clearly demonstrate that each day we seek to follow Jesus’s example.

The strength of the diversity across Mennonite Church USA means that responses to the invitation to prayer and fasting will find many different expressions. We are grateful for the abundance of ways in which we can live out our allegiance to the Prince of Peace. We invite you and your faith community to gather for a communion celebration on the evening of Election Day (Nov. 6, 2012), to remember to whom we belong and to whom we give our hearts and our ultimate allegiance. May we as individuals and congregations across Mennonite Church USA draw closer to Jesus in this time.

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